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PostSubject: Namaste.....   Namaste..... Icon_minitimeThu Apr 27, 2017 6:41 pm

We do hope you enjoy your visit to this site and that you find the information useful and illuminating.  We do not have many rules, but we would ask that you respect the few that we do have:

1:  It is great to have a discussion and it's even better when there are differing views to your own, we ask that you treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and if you have a problem with a fellow member that you bring it to our attention via the alert button or by PM so that it can be dealt with in a sensitive manner.

2:  Whilst we appreciate that sometimes the very nature of the journey of Witchcraft can bring up sensitive and highly personal elements, we ask that no nudity or graphic images are posted to this site, any that are will be removed by Admin.

3:  We will not tolerate any trolling or baiitng of members.

4:  We respect that each member may have their own business or courses that they wish to advertise, we request that this is kept to the board nominated for that purposes so that it doesn't interfere with any discussions.  We will not be responsible for any loss of revenue or bad experiences if any member avails themselves of any offers.

5:  Information is freely given on this board, however, we do ask that you do not use any 3rd party information without consent and that you respect the copywrite of any individual and cite your reference sites if used.

Enjoy yourself, this journey is yours to walk, and to have fun along the way.....


Raven & Tin
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